I'm using the beamer package to create a presentation using latex. The standard setup for beamer is using the pdftex for compiling the final pdf document. However this poses some limitations on the latex file. e.g. eps files first have to be converted and several packages like pstricks can not be used. Therefore i want to use the alternative methode of compiling that is the
latex -> dvips -> ps2pdf route.
According to the manual this should be possible
I'm using the beamer style with the dvips options the way it is mentioned in the documentation.

However when the dvi file is created it is created in the standard A4 page format and not the paper format used for the frame of the presentation. This results in a large white space. This space stays present in the ps and pdf version of the document that are created using dvips and ps2pdf.

The -ta4 option that is mentioned in the manual does not help.

Does anyone have any suggestions.

I've consulted previous messages on the list and the FAQ on CTAN but couldn't find anything.

Thanks Benno

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