I am using supertabular structure for my tables, and almost all of them come up crooked when printed to pdf. I read that supertabular when used inside a float object have known issues, does this apply to my code (code  for the table is listed below).

\centering \vspace{0.1in} \topcaption{Session parameters explained\cite{apacheLogFiles}} \label{sesisonParaExplained}
        \footnotesize{Field} & \footnotesize{Meaning}  \\\hline\hline
        \footnotesize{RECORD\_ID} & \footnotesize{Unique Record ID} \\\hline
        \footnotesize{IP\_ADDRESS}& \footnotesize{Unique IP Address of the client} \\\hline
        \footnotesize{IDENT\_ID}& \footnotesize{Identity of client according to "identd" on clients machine.} \\\hline
        \footnotesize{USER\_ID} & \footnotesize{User id determined by HTTP authentication} \\\hline
        \footnotesize{ACCESS\_TIME} & \footnotesize{Time when server finishes processing of request} \\\hline
        \footnotesize{REQ\_METHOD} & \footnotesize{First part of request line, method used by the client} \\\hline
        \footnotesize{REQ\_URI} & \footnotesize{Second part of the request line, resource requested by the client} \\\hline
        \footnotesize{REQ\_URI\_LEN\_ERROR} & \footnotesize{Flag set for any abnormal length of resource requested by client} \\\hline
        \footnotesize{PROT\_VERSION} & \footnotesize{Third part of the request line, protocol used for communication}\\\hline
        \footnotesize{CGI\_ERROR\_TXT} & \footnotesize{Catch CGI errors by logging the error text generated}\\\hline
        \footnotesize{STAT\_CODE} & \footnotesize{Status code sent by the server back to the client}\\\hline
        \footnotesize{BYTES\_TRFD} & \footnotesize{Size of the object returned by the server in terms of bytes}\\\hline
        \footnotesize{TMSTMP\_CREATED} & \footnotesize{Time when this log was logged into our database}\\\hline
        \footnotesize{SESSION\_ID} & \footnotesize{Session id of the record}\\\hline
        \footnotesize{LOG\_NAME} & \footnotesize{Unique identification for the raw log files input in the database}\\\hline

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