Sorry Hans for the bold fonts, it seems my habit of posting numerous messages on various boards on net hasnít changed a lot. I got your idea, but isnít it like cheating, I mean keeping the same content, I will be changing only the name. Correct me if this is not true. I have following concerns:


1. Changing the version this way (the way you suggest), will not change anything other than the document property tag for pdf version, right?


2. I want to somehow bring PDF version 4 or higher (I am adamant on this because of font embedding problems, and certain IEEE/other publication guidelines, which suggest that the final PDF should be from a version 4.0 or higher).


3. Final question, the PDFTeX doesnít use any acrobat engine embedded in itself, if so then cant the PDFTeX be upgraded to the level of version 4.0 or greater acrobat distiller/engine.


Thanks a ton for lightening fast replies, Hans.


Deepak Jha

"Hans F. Nordhaug" <> wrote:
(Please don't use all caps in the subject - it's like yelling out

* Deepak Jha [2005-08-29]:
> Hi all,
> I have a problem with the version of acrobat PDFTeX uses. The output
> is done using an acrobat version lower than 4.0.

pdfTeX isn't using Acrobat to produce pdf - it's doing everything
itself. What you probably are thinking about is the version of PDF
pdftex is producing. This you can controlchanging the value for
pdf_minorversion in texmf\pdftex\config\pdftex.cfg or by adding
"\pdfminorversion=N" (where N is 3, 4 or 5) to your tex files.


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