Yes bur Ghostscript is not installed
How can I do that
Joergen Soerensen

>When i enter ghost as the name in the miktex package manager i get two
>These are the packages you need i believe
>mgs.exe  is a member of the miktex-ghostscript-bin package.
>Regards Benno
>Joergen Soerensen wrote:

>>>GhostScript is now a part of MiKTeX (as mgs.exe)
>>>but when I am installing the small version there is no value at the
>>>in the registry
>>>When I am viewing figures in YAP they are not rendered correctly (because
>>>GhostScript is missing)
>>>The GhostScript-packages are not installed later when YAP nead it - is
>>>this as expected?
>>>Do I nead a larger MiKTeX to get GhostScript (mgs.exe) installed?
>>>I have tryed to use the mackage maneger - but I could not find the
>>>GhostScript packages.
>>>Joergen Soerensen