I began to have a very strange error when trying to generate a document with this wonderful software.  What happened in fact is that I had a crash in my laptop which runs Windows XP Home SP2 and I has to move all my data to anoither computer which runs Windows XP Professional in Portuguese.  It generates the file without problems but wheh I try to open the pdf file Adobe Acrobat v6.0 responds with the following message:
There was an error opening this document. 
The file is damaged and coul not be repaired.
What cause this error please?  In addition, one of the few times I was able to actually open the file WinTeX it did not generate the table of contents and the table of figures, only the titles but no content at all.  *Any* help will be greatly appreciated for I *really* need to generate this document.  Thank you very much indeed.
Sincerely yours,
Prof. André Luiz Tietböhl Ramos, M.Sc.
Ph.D. Candidate
Virginia Tech
Professor, Departamento de  Engenharia Mecânica e Mecatrônica  PUC/RS