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I am using miktex and Yap with whizzytex (and cygwin),
I am very much impressed with this great combination.
You can actually get WYSIWYG in the Yap window while
you type in your (x)emacs. That improves latexing speed


There are some features that would make this
combination work even better.

  1. If Yap would be 'open' for DDE communication with a
    new topic updating its window at request (or easier
    have an option to continually check if dvi file changes
    even when yap doesn't have the focus). At present I
    send a windows message requesting the update (KEYDOWN
    F5). That introduces an annoying flickering.

  2. If Yap would be more forgiving when not finding its
    dvi file and NOT BLOCK with a modal dialog box when it
    doesn't find the dvi file (maybe just a status message
    or whatever). It would happen sometimes that Yap would
    not find the dvi file as whizzytex is updating the file
    to reflect changes in your editor but it would be
    available very quickly after.

I am working on moving whizzytex completely out of
cygwin (a native port) so making Yap adapt a little to
whizzytex would be of great benefit to many, I would
think. I don't have MS Studio 7.1 otherwise I would
work myself on some of this adaptation and submit them
for approval. I think the modification needed to yap
source would be quite minor actually.

G. Borota


  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    The combination of (X)Emacs, WhizzyTeX and yap is great - it
    would be appreciated if someone could fix these problems!

    /Gunnar Hellmund

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    I'll second that. I've been using the system and think it is
    great. I find that it increases my speed to be able to look at
    the typeset version as I edit my files. I think that any
    performance improvement would be a big help.

    Rob Munger

  • Gregory Borota

    Gregory Borota - 2004-03-31

    Logged In: YES

    Having point 2 fixed, would be a priority for a good
    whizzytexing experience. (Point 1 is not so urgent)

    Can I please be notified if somebody wants to fix that?

    The growing whizzytex community would benefit a lot from that.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    These features request has been submitted more than 2 years
    ago. Is there any plan to actually implement them? The
    problem reported in 2. is particularly annoying (and not
    only to whizztex users) as it makes it impossible to watch
    the dvi file while the latex file is being recompiled in the

  • Christian Schenk

    • Status: open --> attic

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