#1 yap: print bbox if PostScript image cannot be rendered

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I usually work with LaTeX and Metapost. How do you know, YAP isn't able to display Metapost pictures with TeXt inside. If I desactive the postscript visualization, then there is no problem. The problem is...

Many people (like me) often have to do many draft printings, which usually implies deactivate graphics in postscript. However, when printing, Yap skips pages with postscript images he can't display, when the desirable fact is that YAP prints pages with only a box instead of picture (exactly the same that displays in the monitor). I don't think this may be a "bug", only a "minor upgrade request". Greetings.


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    Some more information for you:

    Yap is able to display METAPOST with btex / etex TeX code
    inside (I hope I got you right). You need to adjust your
    Ghostscript configuration (use Google to search for
    Fontmap.cmr), and also you may need to use prologues:=2 in
    your MP file. It works for me every day. :)

    Let me know if you have any further questions.


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