Challe - 2012-11-21


I'am new to beamer. I would like to create a pdf-file including sound in a wave file. Here is my Latex code :

\usepackage{beamerthemeWarsaw} %Oui

\title[Algorithmique]{Initiation à l'algorithmique}
\author[J-F Challe.]{Jean-François Challe}
\date{Le $1^{\textup{er}}$ décembre 2012}
\hypersetup{pdfpagemode = FullScreen}
On a RedHat Enterprise 6 I can generate a pdf file by pdflatex foo.tex. I obtain a pdf file including sound all is perfect.
Now I would like to do the same with MikTeX and the same files. With TeXworks I choose pdflatex composition and the pdf is generate but I have no sound. According to pdf file size it seems that the sound tracks are in the pdf.
The file Intro1.wav is exactly the same on windows and linux
what's wrong. I don't understand what happen.

To go ahead I have change the code so I can push a button to start the sound

\sound[encoding=ALaw,inlinesound,bitspersample=16,channels=2,samplingrate=44100]{{ \it button} }{Intro1.wav}

This time a sound is play but it's impossible to understand something due to the distortion of the sound. According to me the sound distortion is from a mistake in the parameters list of the sound command. But with a build on linux machine the sound is perfect. an the autostart spec is full operationnal.

My questions are :
- is the autostart is working with miktex and if yes how can I do that ?
- what are the rules to convert parameters from linux to windows miktex 2.9 ?

Any body have an Idea
J-F Challe