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YAP 2.9 dvips rendering slow

  • ulrich

    ulrich - 2012-03-21


    I am using YAP 2.9.4206 (MikTEX 2.9 64 bit) under a newly setup PC with
    Windows7 64 bit and YAP 2.9 is working well with Pk-rendering,
    but VERY slow with DviPS-rendering of a manuscript with 120 pages
    containing a lot of maths formula.
    However, only DviPS-rendering allows to render ROTATED text blocks (
    \usepackage{ps tricks} ).

    For comparison, I have setup a MikTEX 2.7 in the 'Windows XP Mode Virtual PC'
    which runs very well.
    There, YAP 2.7.2868 has three options for rendering: 'Automatic', 'Pk', 'PS'.
    I have set rendering to 'Automatic'.
    Rendering is much faster than rendering by YAP 2.9
    (under W7 where 4 Cores are employed to work for YAP)
    AND it renders rotated text blocks perfectly.
    How can that be explained?
    Is 'Automatic' a mixed rendering technique involving both 'PK' and 'PS'?

    I'd prefer to run YAP 2.9 under Windows7,
    so what can I do to improve PS-rendering speed?
    Does any ghostscript switches need to be tuned?

    Thanks for suggestions
    Ulrich Bartell

  • ulrich

    ulrich - 2012-03-23

    I'd like to add, for sake of clarity, the time measured for rendering
    by YAP of an 120 pages manuscript containing plenty of maths stuff:

    dvips pk auto
    YAP ver.

    2.9.4206 (Windows 7) 25 sec. 1 sec. n.n.

    2.7.2868 ('WXP-Virtual Machine') 1 sec. 1.sec. 2 sec.

    The hardware environment for both YAP 2.9 and YAP 2.7 was identical.
    Regarding that YAP 2.9 uses all 4 cores of the core-i7 CPU,
    while YAP 2.7 only has 1 core available in the 'WXP-VM', makes the
    difference in rendering time all the more significant.

    Please note the excessively long time taken up by YAP for rendering
    with dvips of a particular page in the middle of the manuscript.
    Switching up or down to the next page takes another 20 sec. or so
    to render. This unfortunately makes YAP practically unuseable for dvips
    rendering under Windows 7.


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