major problems with latest updates....

  • johnny_canuck

    johnny_canuck - 2011-08-03

    New machine at home -- Windows 7 SP1. Downloaded latex MikTeX 2.9.x installer.
    No problem. Files compiled perfectly (via WinEdt 5.5, and via command line).
    Ran update manager -- downloaded the single checked file out of a whole slew
    of other updates. Again, MikteX works perfectly.

    However, after apply all the other updates, I can't get MikteX to do much of
    anything, even from the command line. If I try any compilation, I get

    This is pdfTeX, Version 3.1415926-2.3-1.40.12 (MikTeX 2.9)

    And, nothing else -- it just hangs there.

    if I bring up the task manager, I see latex.exe, miktex-makefmt.exe, and
    miktex-pdftex.exe all 'active', but none of them doing anything.

    I've re-installed (twice), gone through the update process, and can confirm
    this is reproeducible. It happens whether or not I have antivirus on or off.

    I can always roll back to the pre-update version (by re-installing yet again),
    but this is an issue.


  • johnny_canuck

    johnny_canuck - 2011-08-03

    So, here is a step by step 'analysis' of the problem.

    1\ re-install MikTeX (after first wiping it out thoroughly)

    2\ try compiling 6-7 different things (using various 'types' of compilation)
    -- all work perfectly

    2\ run Update

    3\ a whole slew (15-20) of updates available, but only 3 'checked' -- miktex-
    bin-2.9, miktex-mtx-bin, and miktex-pmx-bin. This suggests incremental update.
    Go ahead and update these 3 files. No errors on updating reported.

    4\ re-try the same 'test' compilations (mentioned earlier). Again, they all
    compile/render perfectly. So, whatever goes wrong is related to one of the
    'remaining' files, if/when they're updated.

    5\ re-run Updater -- remaining slew of updates. Uncheck them all -p- will do
    update one at a time (have to assume problem is independent of the order that
    updates are applied). Start with miktex-yap-bin-2.9. No problem. Compilation
    tests fine.

    6\ proceed to apply oldest updates first (dated May and June, 2011), among
    remaining updates. Again, no reported problems during update. Compilation
    tests work fine.

    7\ Before I go to more recent updates (which is where I suspect the problem
    lies), I .zip up the MikTex2.9 directory structure so I don't have to start
    over from scratch (yet again).

    8\ among remaining updates, will select only those from July 1 -> July 15.
    Compilation test fine. Build a new .zip archive of MikTeX directory structure.

    9\ among remaining updates, pick those from July 16 -> 28 (only 3 files).
    Compilation test fine. Create new .Zip archive

    10\ now we get to the recent updates -- remained all dated July 30 or July 31.
    Will take the first 5. Compilation fine. New .zip.

    11\ next 5 -- and now, our first sign of problems. Straight LaTeX compilation
    fine, but yap won't render the output. At all. Iyt just gives me an error

    So, the problem lies with one of the second group of 5 updates dated July 30
    or July 31.

    12\ unzip .zip archive (i.e., step back one set of updates). Compilation fine.
    Will now do updates 1 at a time. Starting with miktex-doc-2.9. No problems.
    .zip up. Next try dvi-png-bin.2.9. No problems. .zip. Now try miktex-dvicopy-
    bin-2.9. Works fine. .zip. Next on our list, miktex-dvipdfmx-bin-2.9. No
    problem. .zip. Next, miktex-dvips-bin-2.9.

    Ah, now it gets interesting. It is with the installation of this package that
    we get the 'page could not be rendered' message from yap. I'm using PS
    rendering in yap, and Im guessing the miktex-dvips-bin is 'broken', in some
    way. At least, such that yap can't render any file using PS rendering.

    More importantly, if I try to start yap from the cmd line, I get Windows API
    error 2: The system cannot find the file specified. Yap won't even open.

    So, I'll stop here, until this first problem can be sussed out.

  • U_Fischer

    U_Fischer - 2011-08-04

    Well the problem won't be solved if you simply wait. You should make a bug
    report. Add a small example (e.g. using tiger.eps) , describe how to trigger
    the error and don't forget the exact wording of the error message(s). Also
    mention if you are using the 32bit or the 64bit version.

    On my machine (WinXP) YAP and dvips works fine.

    Ulrike Fischer

  • Anonymous - 2011-10-12

    al compilar me sale este error

    TeXify failed to create a dvi file. For possible explanation start the Command
    Prompt or read the log file (captured by winedit during the execution)....",

    gracias por su colaboracionnn!!!!!!!

  • chicagonyc

    chicagonyc - 2012-10-04

    I have exactly the same problem, but using TeXWorks. Has anyone resolved this?
    pdftex and xetex both just hang there. The previous version of MikTex 2.9
    works perfectly fine on my other machines.

    I'm not even sure I have a copy of the older installer -- just the installed
    version on my other machines.

    Surely this is a showstopper bug?


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