Miktex and Tecnicenter issue

  • Payton

    Payton - 2011-03-16

    I recently updated to miktex 2.9 and texnicenter 1.0 stable release candidate
    1. I get the" GUI framework cannot be initialized" error, even when I change
    the miktex setting to update without asking (after the known issues posting).
    The only way pdflatex will run is to disable the installer, and manually
    install packages I need (after latex tells me it doesn't have it). While this
    works, it ruins one of the best parts of miktex. Any ideas on how to fix it.



  • U_Fischer

    U_Fischer - 2011-03-17

    You could use another editor: The editor I use (winedt) had this issue too
    when it incorporated an internal "console". It took the author less than two
    weeks to solve the problem.
    If you want to stay with TeXnicCenter:
    You could try the newest development (alpha) version.
    You could compile your document once with texworks (which comes with miktex)
    to install all packages.
    You could search forum dedicated to TeXnicCenter about possible causes why it
    doesn't work (firewall? proxy? ...).

    Ulrike Fischer

  • Payton

    Payton - 2011-03-18

    Thanks, I'll try TeZXnicCenter...

  • Timmie Smet

    Timmie Smet - 2011-04-22

    This problem vanishes if you use TeXNiCcenter 2.0 alpha 3 program. It seems to
    bee unstable, but it works fine for me.


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