Can't install ANY version of MikTeX on Win7

  • Var

    Var - 2011-08-03


    I want to install MikTeX on a win7 pro machine but no matter which version I
    choose, I alwayz get an error message. It's either the Windows API error 5:
    Access is denied (version 2.8/2.9 when trying to install as User which I can
    understand to some extend) and when tryin to install as Admin I get message
    that "a required file system path culd not be retrieved - details 26".

    I know there are lots of topics in the help forum but i'm sick of reading
    posts dated back in 20001

    so please if anyone can help me, DO IT!!

    thanks alot

  • U_Fischer

    U_Fischer - 2011-08-04

    Miktex can be installed in a normal user account in single user mode without
    problems. You don't need admin rights, you only must choose an installation
    directory where you have writing rights. If it doesn't work with an "access is
    denied" message something is blocking it - perhaps your virus protection.
    There have been some reports that some of the newest avira services are
    problematic. You only need to reed the message from the last month to find

    Ulrike Fischer


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