LEMOINE Fred - 2011-03-18

Located at Waxahachie, Texas, Victron Energy is a consistent quality
representative in fuel distribution. They offer a wide variety of branded
fuels including Exxon/Mobil, Shell, Conoco/Philips, Chevron/Texaco and Valero.
They also supply a number of unbranded varieties. They are one of the largest
Shell Distributors in Texas and one of the largest Exxon distributors in the
United States. Besides fuel distribution, their affiliates own, lease and co-
partners with a number of retail fuel service stations and convenience stores.
Car washes, oil and lube centers, Texas souvenir gift shops and many other
major food franchises are some of the affiliates. ‘Texas Best Smokehouse’ is
one of their biggest sellers.

Ali Sharaf, the President and
CEO of the company, follows the approach – More Convenience, Less Hassle. The
company helps identify challenges and implement creative and convenient
solutions. They always follow fair business practices and have proven a track
record of strong market knowledge, knowing the customer’s needs, consistency,
timeliness, product availability and low and competitive pricing. They have
thus presented their customers with comprehensive, quality products. Besides
retail customers, wholesale and commercial customers are also provided service
by Victron Energy.

The products and services of Victron Energy include buying power group,
reliable and safe fuel distribution, brand marketing, land surveys, site
selection, new construction and remodeling, retail convenience stores, leasing
options, enhancing of existing facilities, assistance with new branding or
conversion, in depth knowledge of the region and its regulations, franchising
and re-branding, food service management and training, franchise ownership or
partnering, fuel management services, supply chain management, car wash
center, car wash supplies etc.