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  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Hi everybody!

    Im searching for an frontend for Latex. I know WinEDT and Texnicenter and so on....

    Now I want to purchase WinEdt or SciWriter (
    Does anybody have experiences with SciWriter? Which one of these two product would be better for creating Latex documents?


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      If you use GUI frontends like SciWriter or Scientific Word for LaTeX documents, the frontend will make the LaTeX choices for you. Time and time again you will find that these choices do not quite produce what you want and you will need to go into the LaTeX code itself to 'fix' things. Many years ago, I had vowed to never become a typesetter and I started out with Scientific Word. I was happy at first -- I got beautiful output with relative ease. But as I got more used to it, my needs as to document appearance become more sophisticated and I found myself tweaking the LaTeX code that had been produced by Scientific Word to get what I wanted. I soon realized that I had become what I didn't want to become -- a typesetter. But I also realized that this way I got exactly what I wanted. I then gave away my Scientific Word copy, installed MiKTeX, bought a WinEdt License, started writing LaTeX code directly, and I have been happy ever since. My advice, therefore, if you anticipate writing anything beyond standard run-of-the-mill science texts, do yourself a favor and start using LaTeX directly, without the detour of a GUI frontend. I recommend WinEdt as an editor shell, because it is very good right out of the box and it is fully customizable (but there are good other editor shells out there; see for example


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