Adding custom fonts

  • David Anderson

    David Anderson - 2010-09-04

    Hi there. Brand new to LaTeX, but I am eager to figure it out. I downloaded a
    sample CV that I'd like to use, but I am unable to open it. I think the
    problem is that it uses a font "fontin" that I don't have loaded on Miktex.
    I've downloaded the font files, but I have no idea how to add them to Miktex.
    Is there an easy way to do this? If anyone is aware of a guide of some sort,
    would you mind pointing me in the right direction? I tried looking at the
    support documents, but I couldn't find what I need. Thanks a lot

  • U_Fischer

    U_Fischer - 2010-09-04

    If you are using xelatex you only need to install the font (at best the open
    type format) in your system fonts folder and perhaps call fc-cache -f to
    rebuild the font cache of xelatex. Then look at the fontspec manual to learn
    how to call the font.

    If you use pdflatex or latex you need (if possible) the font in type1 (.pfb)
    and a afm file. The fontinstallationguide (on CTAN) shows how to generate all
    the file needed by pdflatex and how install them. But this is not easy and not
    something you can do in a few minutes.

    Ulrike Fischer


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