Peter Wade - 2011-07-15

I'm very interest in trying out MikTeX for my book layouts and ending up with
PDFs. I've been using PageMaker since version 1.0, currently using PM7 (now
called InDesign). I turn off hyphenation and use manual hyphenation if word
spaces are too great, and I use font tracking (microtypography) to adjust
paragraphs for widows and orphans. I use Windows 7 Ultimate.

Since MikTeX is not wysiwyg, does this mean going back and forth between a
text editor and PDF export to do every instance of the above tasks? This is
the major thing I don't understand about TeX. Can anyone point me to the
answer or a description of the methodology used to do manual hypenation and

Also, is there a text editor that allows for keys to be programmed for
paragraph and italic tags?