MikTEX gives error \par then 5cite.4 in pdf

Matt Matt
  • Matt Matt

    Matt Matt - 2010-09-30

    Hopefully someone will know the simple answer to this, but everytime I
    "PDFTexify" a document, it stops with the error "! Paragraph ended before
    \ltx@LocalAppendToMacro was complete.
    <to be="" read="" again="">

    I press r and then return....the PDF is completed, but I have two issues then:

    1) I can't figure out how to make the document auto-launch once I have it in
    PDF format (as in, it pops up in Adobe reader right after I PDFTexify), and
    2) At the top of the first page, it always say 5cite.4, and sometimes it
    leaves an entire blank page...what am I doing wrong?

  • toni

    toni - 2010-10-01

    I have the same problem with the 5cite.4. If you found the solution please
    tell me.

  • toni

    toni - 2010-10-01

    it seems the problem comes from harvard package

  • Barney Schwartz

    Barney Schwartz - 2010-10-20

    Yes I have this also. Worked fine in 2.8. I use harvard all the time in 2.8
    with no problems.


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