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Drawing Graphics

  • Joseph Sullivan

    Joseph Sullivan - 2003-06-19

    I see a lot of posts between here and CTAN asking how to best draw graphics.  The simple answer, it seems to me, especially for windows platforms is, use whatever you want.  I switch between visio and powerpoint, the latter since it is something a lot of people have and can hence edit once you're done.  Neither has EPS export, but I get great results by just writing a .prn file using the LaserJet IV PS driver for windows (print to file instead of printer), then opening it in ghostscript to define a bounding box and rewrite it with the .eps extension.

  • M Lucia Menezes

    M Lucia Menezes - 2010-11-23

    What do you do exactly to define a bounding box?

  • adamstuart07

    adamstuart07 - 2012-03-16

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