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2582 pst-func doesn't correctly copy files None fixed johnny_canuck pst-func, package manager, update 0  
2321 MikTEX 2.9, latest package update broke biblatex bibliography None fixed Oleksandr biblatex, update 0  
2317 Unable to change repository None unreproducible Goalgetter MiKTeX Tools, update, repository 0  
2316 Package babel not updated in MiKTeX 2.9 None fixed Mathieu2L update, babel 2  
2120 Typo None closed Sven Strickroth (MrTux) Update Wizard 0  
2113 Update Wizard fails, MiKTeX crashes None closed Andriy Zhugayevych Update Wizard 0  
2083 Updater does not support IPv6 None closed Erwin Bronkhorst Update Wizard 0  
2078 Update no longer possible: ERROR None closed rauchzeichen Update Wizard 0  
2057 Updated packages not seen by update wizard None closed Petiard Update Wizard 0  
1838 File name capacity exceeded None attic Hans-Jörg Schulz Update Wizard 0  
1832 Updater uses 100% CPU when downloading None closed szhorvat Update Wizard 0  
1775 Portable MikTeX: Problem with UserRoots in miktexstartup.ini None closed Klaus Update Wizard 0  
1768 Portable Update and Package Manager None closed Gucho Update Wizard 0  
1757 Directory not empty error None attic Michael Renardy Update Wizard 0  
1735 initexmf fails at update wizard None closed Matthias Schwaiger Update Wizard 0  
1718 Bad URI trying to update None closed Scott D Friedemann Update Wizard 0  
1714 http_proxy seems to supersede manual proxy settings None attic Lars Update Wizard 0  
1617 Proxy server is sometimes different for FTP and WWW None closed Manveru Update Wizard 0  
1583 cannot close updater after viewing log file None attic casio7131 Update Wizard 0  
1485 Same proxy issue as reported for MPM 1548242 None closed Flippin Engineering Update Wizard 0  
1465 Update wizard fails with anti-virus None closed Yobo Update Wizard 0  
1463 MiKTeX Update Wizard fails (even when started directly) None closed mark Update Wizard 0  
1435 missing mpost.ini after 2.4 -> 2.5 migration None closed Matt Swift Update Wizard 0  
1433 upgrade to 2.5 silently deletes user files None closed Matt Swift Update Wizard 0  
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