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2580 wrong output to stdin when using lualatex 6300 fixed karl koeller LuaTeX 0  
2532 Get MIKTEK_EDITOR variable work with luatex 1.0 None fixed karl koeller LuaTeX 0  
2424 --recorder option broken None fixed U_Fischer luatex, recorder 0  
2396 texify with luatex engine fails None closed Rui Moutinho LuaTeX, TeXify 0  
2369 LuaLaTeX crashes when making pdf's None closed Peter Buxton luatex 0  
2356 luatex and slow file searches for unknown files None fixed U_Fischer luatex 0  
2312 Lua script from package "pfarrei" not properly executed, probably due to outdated library None fixed Speravir LuaTeX, script 0  
2311 Document never finishes compiling when used with LuaLaTeX and fontspec None attic Jisang Yoo fontspec, luatex 0  
2287 Workaround for broken italic correction in LuaLaTeX None fixed LaRiFaRi LuaTeX 0  
2277 Adjust the wrapper luaotfload-tool to the new luaotfload None attic U_Fischer luatex 0  
2145 aux-directory does not work with LuaTeX 5900 fixed Mark LuaTeX 1  
2142 --recoder-option in luatex doesn't work None attic U_Fischer LuaTeX, recorder 0  
2138 $OPENTYPEFONTS path leads to Windows API error None closed Alexander LuaTeX 0  
2133 luatex problems with non-ascii -chars in folder names None closed U_Fischer LuaTeX 0  
2128 Lualatex with nonstopmde outputs to texput.dvi/texput.pdf None attic Miguel Frasson LuaTeX 0  
2051 lualatex misses expl3 since latest MiKTeX update None closed Uwe LuaTeX 0  
2025 update lualatex format None closed Anonymous LuaTeX 0  
2015 texexec does not work None closed Adrian Devries LuaTeX 0  
2000 lualatex.exe stop operating while compile which load font None closed Hung-Yih Chen LuaTeX 0  
1999 lualatex.exe stop operating while compile which load font None attic Hung-Yih Chen LuaTeX 0  
1975 Problem with luatex + on-the-fly installation of fonts None attic U_Fischer LuaTeX 0  
1948 LuaTeX and AUX dir None attic karl koeller LuaTeX 0  
1891 Bug in luatex? None closed MCh LuaTeX 0  
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