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2621 MikTeX Package Manager: Windows API error 87 None open L_Jenzen 0  
2616 miktex-maketfm fails on ecss0400 None open U_Fischer 0  
2561 yap | problems rendering some .eps files None open johnny_canuck yap, eps rendering 0  
2549 miktex NEXT: "Internal error" in the update manager None open U_Fischer 0  
2536 miktex -next: Windows API error 5: Zugriff verweigert None in-the-works U_Fischer 0  
2535 pdftex can't handle tilde (~) in a file name None open Doc Arigato 1  
2534 Cannot move local tree before "UserInstall" tree None open ClaudiusL 0  
2533 tftopl.cc:43:13: error: use of undeclared identifier 'g_plfile' None open Mojca Miklavec 0  
2528 configure step partially(?) ignores `USE_SYSTEM_ZLIB:BOOL=OFF`. None open Hanspeter Niederstrasser 0  
2515 basic-miktex installer fails if the executable is renamed None open Matt Mower installer 1  
2513 dummy-space font (pfb/tfm files) are missing None in-the-works bers Fonts 0  
2512 malloc: *** mach_vm_map(size=...) failed None open Mojca Miklavec 0  
2510 devnag.c treated as C++ and fails to compile None in-the-works Mojca Miklavec 0  
2507 fpl installation None open Bob Tennent 0  
2500 pdfx package incomplete None in-the-works U_Fischer 0  
2492 Location of man and texmfs None open Mojca Miklavec 0  
2491 xetex doesn't link against harfbuzz and icu None open Mojca Miklavec 0  
2487 "problematic" setting of "$HOME/.miktex" during the build None open Mojca Miklavec 1  
2486 log4cxx: No appender could be found for logger (ctangle) None open Mojca Miklavec 0  
2485 $build/binlib/cfg from MiKTeX Tools links against not-yet-installed libraries, fails to run None open Mojca Miklavec 0  
2475 Boisik package symbols do not work anymore None open Kaba 0  
2463 miktex next: format status can not be changed None open U_Fischer 0  
2425 TeXworks error in XP SP3 (32b?) None accepted Dr. Ing. Alberto Maria Marchetti texworks, windows xp 3  
2421 lualatex doesn't work None open U_Fischer 0  
2402 mpm.exe slow download None accepted Samo Dadela 0  
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