#782 yap: inverse search doesn't work with -output-directory

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Is there a workaround for the following problem? I wanted
to use the -output-directory option, to keep all dvi files in a
temporary directory, say c:\temp\ for the sake of
illustration. However, this breaks the inverse search
function of Yap.

The source specials (I believe) do not contain the full path
to the source file. Is this right? So although Yap's
documentation says that Yap substitutes the "fully
qualified" path name for the parameter %l in the inverse
search command, what really happens is that Yap merely
guesses that the tex source is in the same directory as the
dvi file. (Please correct me if I'm wrong.) So if the inverse
search command is "notepad.exe %l", then notepad will
receive the command line "notepad.exe c:\temp\myfile.tex",
and the file is not found. (This was my experience. I am
using Yap 0.99 and miktex 2.2. And no, I don't really use

If there is not another workaround, could one perhaps have
a command-line option to tex, to request that full
pathnames be used in the source specials?
I can see that not everyone would want this behaviour.

The only workaround I know is to call the editor (not
notepad) with a script that strips off the path of the
requested source file, and make a guess (hopefully better
than Yap's guess), as to where the correct source file is
located. But it would still be a guess if the information is
not in the source specials.


  • Christian Schenk

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    I think this is a bug report.

  • Christian Schenk

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