#36 yap: printer not supported: resolution mismatch

Yap (316)

The latest driver, as of 9/27/2000, for the Textronix Phaser 560 Color Laser printer allows the resolution to be set to 1200dpi under the Device Options tab, but under the Graphics tab, it is still limited to only 600dpi. YAP is restricted to setting the View/Options/Mode to 1200dpi for the Phaser 560. When YAP interrogates the printer, it responds with a resolution of 600dpi. This causes YAP to abort the print job. I cannot see Tektronix upgrading the driver since the printer is several years old and new printer models have since been released. Do you have a suggestion for getting around this problem? If not, then I would suggest that YAP offer an additional resolution of 600dpi for the Phaser 560.


  • Christian Schenk

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    See also: #417768

  • Christian Schenk

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