#2332 Yap incorrectly displays dvi file created by dvilualatex

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When I open in yap a DVI file created from the source code at http://www.texample.net/tikz/examples/drawing-graphs/ the display is wildly incorrect. See attached screenshot and dvi file (both in a 7z archive because sf.net seems to allow only single-file attachments). I have no problem further converting that DVI file to a correctly displaying SVG using dvisvgm. So I assume the problem is in yap rather than in the dvi file.

That DVI file also crashes Evince for Windows, for what that's worth. I assume dvilualatex produces some "bleeding edge" dvi files with uncommon features. But dvisvgm has not problems with it.

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  • Respawned Fluff

    Respawned Fluff - 2014-07-30

    I'm actually having the same problem with a non-luatex example http://tex.stackexchange.com/a/144426 I get the same wierd diagonal lines. I suspect the problem is with the standalone package or some postscript specials generated by tikz. But ghostscript (9.14) works fine for me otherwise, either from gsview or when called by dvisvgm.

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