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On tex.stackexchange a user reported an installation problem with the 64-bit miktex.

The user
1. had admin rights
2. but the account seems not to be the administrator account
3. choose a folder outside program files for installation. The folder is probably owned by the account.
4. choose shared setup.

The installation failed: initexmf couldn't create the links and reported e.g. "initexmf: warning: The luatex executable could not be found.". The installation works smoothly when the administrator account installed miktex (in an unknown location). I suspect that 2. or 3. is the problem and makes a shared setup impossible. If yes: shouldn't miktex be able to catch the problem and force a single user installation?


Ulrike Fischer


  • Speravir

    Speravir - 2014-02-25

    Oops, the OP of question filed him-/herself a bug: Install fail "MiKTeX209-core-PS.dll does not exist". And as this is marked as outdated, so also this duplicate could marked in this manner.

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