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I figured that there is problem with "umlaut/mutated vowel" in directory names. When latexmk is used and the folder of the tex files contains an umlaut, latexmk doesn't recognize file changes in files apart from the main file. Due to the author of latexmk, this has to do with MiKTeX's way of handling umlauts that are not encoded in a standard way.

I attached a MWE that works correctly if the parent folder doesn't contain an umlaut but doesn't work if it does.


  • Christian Schenk

    Seems that the test case got lost. Please attach it again.

  • Christian Schenk

  • John Collins

    John Collins - 2012-11-08

    As the maintainer of latexmk, I should explain what property of MiKTeX caused problems to the OP's use of latexmk. Latexmk extracts dependency information from the fls and log files created by a run of latex/pdflatex. A problem occurs when the filenames contain non-ASCII characters (like umlauted characters), because of a mismatch between the coding used by MiKTeX and the coding used by the Perl implementation used by latexmk: Latexmk cannot find the files in question. By itself, this is latexmk's problem, and with sufficient work, I could fix it, of course. The work-around is for the user to use filenames with only the standard ASCII characters.

    Unfortunately the problem is compounded because MiKTeX writes full pathnames for files that are specified as relative to the current directory. (In contrast TeXLive writes relative pathnames for such files.) If the name of the current directory contains non-ASCII characters, then problems arise. This was what triggered the OP's problem.

    Aside from that specific issue, at various points, latexmk needs to recognize that the files in question are indeed under the current directory, and therefore strips out the leading string corresponding to the cwd. This is important, for example, when latexmk calls other programs like bibtex, which with the default security level cannot be used when absolute pathnames are given on the command line.

    But if there are mismatches between the directory name as written by MiKTeX and as known to latexmk, this process of normalizing the absolute filename to a relative filename does not happen. They are other sources of aliasing of the name of a directory which can cause even more grief, e.g., between short and long filenames, and between the MS-Windows name and the cygwin name, and probably many other cases.

    So I would like to make a request that MiKTeX write relative pathnames to the fls and log files, when appropriate. Is there a downside?

  • Mark

    Mark - 2012-11-08

    I didnt recognize that attachment didn't get uploaded, I hope this time the attachment is uploaded.

  • Christian Schenk

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    • John Collins

      John Collins - 2015-01-25

      I am working on a solution in latexmk to the main part of this problem.


  • Christian Schenk

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  • Christian Schenk

    • Status: in-the-works --> fixed

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