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Hello everybody,

I think i've got a problem with TeXWorks when I use BiBTeX. With this example :
One reference \cite{Johnson} and an other \cite{Zoran}

and with ECM-bib.bib :
author = {Edgar G. Johnson and Alfred O. Nier},
title = {Angular Aberrations in Sector Shaped
Electromagnetic Lenses for Focusing Beams of Charged Particles},
journal = {Physical Review},
volume = {91},
number = {1},
month = {jul},
year = {1953}

        author = {Zoran Racic},
        title = {\'Etude et essais du spectromètre à plasma {DYMIO}
   de la  mission {MARS 96}},
        publisher = {Université Pierre et Marie Curie},
        year = {1996}

When I compile with one style of bibliography (for example "apalike") with with texify.exe, i've got no problem. But if I change the bibliography's style (for example with "alpha"), there is no change in the PDF file after one, two, three... compilations with texify.exe. If I want that changes are taking account, I have to delete all auxiliaries files.

But now, if i do that :
1- one compilation with pdflatex
2- one compilation with bibtex
3- two compilations with pdflatex
4- change bibliography's style
5- one compilation with pdflatex
6- one compilation with bibtex
7- two compilations with pdflatex
it works without deleting the auxiliary's files !

Is it really a bug with texify.exe ?
Thanks a lot !


  • Biskin81

    Biskin81 - 2010-03-26

    Oh il forget ! I uses MiKTeX 2.8 with Windows XP.

  • Christian Schenk

    • Status: open --> attic

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