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this bug has been reported in mail "bug with mathtime
and belleek" on the MiKTeX mailing list on 2006-3-3.
This is a copy of that mail omitting the log file.

The following file was reported to compile smoothly
with teTeX 3.0 without needing commercial MathTime
fonts, but doesn't render fine when compiled with an
up-to-date MiKTeX. Mathtime, belleek and
miktex-yandy-support packages are all installed.

$\sum_{i=1}^nx_{ij}-y_j=50\ \forall\ j\in V$

A font MTSYN seems to be missing in the output pdf file
so all math operators turn out as bold letters in AR7.
The problem is currently being discussed on
comp.text.tex, where it was pointed out that this could
be a bug in MiKTeX searching for a wrong pfb file.
Since I do not completely understand the details please
see the thread "mathtime.sty does not correctly create
symbols" for more information, especially the messages
from 2006-3-3.

Is there any recommended way to install belleek fonts
as a drop in replacement for the commercial MathTime
fonts in MiKTeX?

Stephan Hennig


  • Christian Schenk

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    Don't know exactly what you mean. MTSYN is a commercial
    PFB. The document compiles/displays fine, if you have
    purchased the font.

  • Stephan Hennig

    Stephan Hennig - 2006-07-24

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    Sorry for my unprecise bug report. In message
    news:<87accabk8a.fsf@ID-223132.user.uni-berlin.de Ralf
    Stubner reported that he is able to successfully compile the
    test file on teTeX 3.0 without the commercial MathTime
    fonts. The font Belleek somehow should serve as a drop-in
    replacement for MathTime, but compilation doesn't work on
    MiKTeX 2.4 with mathtime support files and belleek package
    installed. I would like to see the same result with MiKTeX
    as with teTeX 3.0. Unfortunately, I don't know the exact
    problem with MiKTeX.

    Stephan Hennig

  • U_Fischer

    U_Fischer - 2006-07-27

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    The problem lies in the difference of mathtime and mathtime
    plus. The .ins-file of mathtime contains the lines

    % If you have the `basic' MathTime font set, and not
    % the extended MathTime Plus (or MathTime Complete) set
    % then you should uncomment this line so that LaTeX does
    % not attempt to access bold math fonts, or the new MTSYN
    % font.

    That means the plus-Version is the default, and this gives
    .fd-files with pointers to mtsyn, mtsyb, mtsyh etc that
    don't work together with the belleek fonts which contain
    only the simple blsy and btex as replacement for mtsy and
    mtex. The solution is to uncomment \def{\mtplus} and to
    call mathtime.ins so that the simpler fd-files gets
    created. I don't think that the automatic package installer
    has a chance to make the right choice automatically.

    Ulrike Fischer

  • Stephan Hennig

    Stephan Hennig - 2006-07-28

    Logged In: YES

    Following Ulrike's advice solved the issue here. The test
    file now compiles and looks decent in the viewer. In fact,
    this has not been a MiKTeX bug since it is documented
    behaviour of the mathtime package.

    Stephan Hennig

  • Stephan Hennig

    Stephan Hennig - 2006-09-29

    Logged In: YES

    This bug report can be closed. Nothing is broken.

    Stephan Hennig


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