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I finally released JavaUOClient-.50 since I hadnt worked on it in about a month. The new version now has a very primative graphical client that I hope to eventually make into a much better full featured client. It does not keep sync with movement acks from the server though so while you will move in a direction when you move with the arrows, you will probably not be in the same location as is shown.

Posted by Mikel Duke 2005-06-23


.40 is now released, the windowed client has been updated to reflect the new networking code. Also I hope to have a .50 out soon with actual UO graphics.

Posted by Mikel Duke 2005-05-05

ConsoleJavaUOClient-.30 RELEASED

I completely rewrote the networking code and so all the bugs that I knew about before have been fixed, it now works on everything and is tested on Windows XP, Unix, Gentoo, and Debian Linux on a Sparc. It is now faster and logs in properly. The new stuff will be implemented soon into JavaUOClient-.40 but for now, just a release of the console version.

Posted by Mikel Duke 2005-04-20

New Stuff

I recently added a new game it is a java blackjack program and a new version of galaxian that now runs straight out of the jar

Posted by Mikel Duke 2005-03-19

New JavaUOClient Release

I have just uploaded a new version of my JavaUOClient. It now has a newer version of the console client, but more importantly it now has a new version that has a GUI using Java's Swing api and I have incorporated the Coordviewer object I wrote so you can see where you are at.

Posted by Mikel Duke 2005-01-17

New Releases

I have added a DVDOrganizer program so you can add dvds to a list to keep track of them, the number of titles and of disks, and who you have loaned them too. I have also added a simple program that reads an Ultima Online map and displays a small section of it for a coordinate that you enter which may eventually be added to my java client. Both of these are written in Java and so are compatible with about anything Java can run on.

Posted by Mikel Duke 2005-01-11

Console Java Ultima Online Client .1 Released

Here is a program I have been working on for the past couple of days. It is a console based client for the MMORPG Ultima Online. Currently it does not support encryption so it can only work with the free servers such as Pol or RunUO. It is multiplatform and multios and has been tested under WinXP and Gentoo Linux on a Sparc system.

Posted by Mikel Duke 2004-08-19

New Programs

I have added quite a few new programs since the last time I did anything with the news here, just a few minutes ago I upped the ABCRemoteInterface java program to interface with ABCs web service.

Posted by Mikel Duke 2004-08-15


New program I made earlier that can read all files of a specified type from a selected directory into a text box and a list.

Posted by Mikel Duke 2003-04-24

New programs

A few new programs have been added, a demo program that draws a circle, a small round clock like the kind with the three hands, and a subnet calculator.

Posted by Mikel Duke 2003-04-18


Just released version 1.3.33 with a new command interface and the ability to read kills from Counter-Strike and will soon be adding in other stats.

Posted by Mikel Duke 2003-03-26

Read CS info

I have just figured out how to read kills, deaths, and health in Counter-Strike and am working on implementing it into the program but I still have some more testing to do.

Posted by Mikel Duke 2003-03-26


Moved all the VFDOutputter releases from NikG43's project page to my own. And released 1.2.25 with several improvements added in and the ability to select the comm port.

Posted by Mikel Duke 2003-03-19

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