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Mifos 1.3 now available

Grameen Foundation is proud to announce that we’re shipping our Mifos 1.3 release one full week ahead of schedule. This significant release lays the foundation for greater extensibility and accelerated development of new functionality onto the Mifos platform. By adopting the Maven build framework, we can rapidly bring to you more new features and broader extension of the platform.

Mifos 1.3 continues to lead the way in ease of use and efficiency of managing your portfolio and day to day operations for all staff. Our collection sheet entry module has been re-architected for greater performance and more efficient workflow. Streamlining of the Mifos configuration process helps to grow the flexibility to support unique business requirements and launch new products. Mifos can be supported and maintained with greater ease through improved batch job configuration and more in-depth application logging. Our next release will enable deeper business insight for management and greater scalability of the platform so our customers can continue to extend their outreach.

This release marks a major milestone and turning point for development of the Mifos platform going forward. The community now has a more modern, standardized, and modular framework in which to extend and deepen the functionality of Mifos. Already in the works are projects to broaden scalability to meet the rapid growth of our customers, a more robust and flexible reporting environment, improved APIs for better integration, and translation of Mifos into a number of different languages.

We would like to thank our entire community for their role in the development of this release and the support of our customer base worldwide Guided by our core engineering team based in Seattle, contributors from all backgrounds and locales have made an impact. Our Google Summer of Code interns, Udai Gupta and Johan Hilding, have strengthened the quality of our platform by building out our testing suite; Goldman Sachs and Sungard have continued to elevate the performance and quality of the platform and numerous individual volunteers have contributed to strengthening the Mifos core. Activity on our mifos-users mailing list has been quite active with our customers across Kenya, India, and Tunisia openly answering each other’s questions and sharing advice.

To download Mifos 1.3, please visit For a full list of enhancements view the release notes.

Posted by Edward Cable 2009-07-24

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