The updated documentation can be found at

If you are still using tomcat, ensure the war file is present in the webapps folder. Also,check tomcat logs for any errors during startup and send across the relevant sections (if any) to the mailing list 

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On 30-Apr-2012, at 22:57, Adam Monsen <> wrote:

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Subject: Mifos Installation on Ubuntu
Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2012 20:24:14 +0300
From: antony kariuki <>

Hey Adams, my name is antony from kenya, a junior web developer...

I have tried to install mifos using these instruction;a=blob;f=INSTALL;h=f9cd72e979c8d58005dfec74e94044e8beba06ad;hb=bc8cb473781ed18d70e093c38706fb53615c250c

But when i try to run it on the localhost:8080/mifos, it display this error

HTTP Status 404 - /mifos/

type Status report

message /mifos/

description The requested resource (/mifos/) is not available.

However tomcat6 is running well

What could be the problem? could kindly assist me to install using tomcat?

Kindly assist.
Antony Kariuki

Antony Kariuki

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