Hi George,

There is an 'unsuccessful' etl health check as well... but if you like you can send me your mysqldump and I'd be happy to troubleshoot. Its probably something like loan officers having created_dates before the centers or something.  Usually once we get past the initial integrity issues things go pretty well.

If you put it in a dropbox or anywhere I can get it thats good. The arabic characters should be fine.


On Thu, Mar 24, 2011 at 10:08 PM, George Lteif <georgeslteif@hotmail.com> wrote:
Thanks John
i ran the DataWarehouseInitialLoad.kjb
but it stopped with an error that was previously mentioned by Udai i think
(Table 'mifos_dw.fallover' doesn't exist
2011/03/24 12:46:32 - Load Customers, Loans and Savings.0 - ERROR (version 4.0.0-stable, build 13376 from 2010-06-15 11.00.26 by buildguy) : Error initializing step [Load Customers, Loans and Savings])

Procedure Name: SPetl_customers_and_accounts()

I have previously did the health check and the output is just warnings (not fails)
do you this might the problem?
i have also to check the warning issued by the health check anyways?

PS: we do use the english version of mifos but we do have arabic characters set in most of the data fields (customer name, address ..)

thank you

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