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Midori's HTTP tunnel rewritten

Version 0.8.1

The web service part of the project has been completely rewritten and now the tunnel is much more stable and fast.
The main problem is always the latency (it depends so much on how responsive is your HTTP proxy), but a great improvement has been reached in establishing new connections.

Posted by Midorichan 2005-11-29

New release - Some Fix

The beta2 has been released.
This release has some minor bug fix and some perfomance enhancement in both client and webservice.

Posted by Midorichan 2004-10-24

HTTP Tunnel released

As announced in latest news, the Midori's HTTP Tunnel beta1 has been released.
This release includes all basic features:
- Socks 4/4a/5 server
- Port Bouncer
- Connection through external and included SOAP-WebService
- Use of HTTP/1.0 proxies (also if password protected)

Posted by Midorichan 2004-10-17

New Project Coming Soon

The old project has been paused, because now we have SOAP WebServices!
The Project has been completely redesigned:
- A SOAP WebService is used instead of an ISAPI Exptension
- Everything has been rewitten using ASP.NET and C#

I've choosen of the .NET because Mono project exists and this application should works fine in all Mono-supported platforms.

The project is almost completed and soon a beta release should be published.

Posted by Midorichan 2004-10-15

File missing

The last pachage was incomplete:
the subfolder res/ was not present, so it was impossible to compile the project.
Now, I'm going to upload also a binaries.


Posted by Midorichan 2002-06-19

The Socks2Http server

I'm working on the Socks2Http server. I've developed a very simple version of the protocol and implemented it in an ISAPI Extension DLL.
This release is only for developement purpose, nothing else.

Posted by Midorichan 2002-05-08

The project slowed down...

Since 15-Apr I've got broken my right hand (using my motorbyke), so I can't use my computer almost at all...

Posted by Midorichan 2002-05-06

Release 0.3 - Preliminar Socks 5 support

The v0.3 implements authentication-less Socks 5 protocol.
The server works fine using Mozilla (v0.9.9), that only support Socks 5 without authentication.

The server looks almost stable, also on a average load (40 or more connections at time).

Posted by Midorichan 2002-04-07

New Socsk Server release 0.2

This release looks working with IE 5.5, but have some problem with Mozilla 0.9.9.

Posted by Midorichan 2002-03-30

First release - Really basic socks server

A first, really basic version of the Socks server was just released.
By now, it accept only Socks4 protocol.
The server is multithreaded and looks like to work for a while (with IE5.5): then the active worker thread hangs... :)
The code is really buggy and unsafe: it's only a test, to learn Winsock APIs.

Posted by Midorichan 2002-03-19