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  • ptrg

    ptrg - 2010-05-03

    Text editiong is a little bit confusing with some keyboard layout (e.g. hungarian):

    > is on AltGr+Y but it removes one line from the source code and does not give the symbol itself when i press the key combination (Y and Z are swapped on hungarian keyboards)

    Changing between normal and block selection mode of the editor is not clear, because of the above thing.
    I think it can be more usable if changing the selection mode will be allowed from menu only… (or ignored)

  • Javier Santo Domingo

    1) Well, this is due to how SynEdit works (MP3 uses UniSynEdit in fact), ecDeleteLine is firing up. In any case, and since that is been overlapped by the Redo action of the MP3 IDE (Ctrl+Y), I managed to disable the ecDeleteLine of SynEdit. So now using an hungarian keyboard you wont have that awful effect of deleting a line of code by pressing AltGr+Y. Additionally, you will get (at least here in my tests) the > pressing AltGr+Z and the Undo action by pressing AltGr+Y (but this might be due to, as you say, Y and Z are swapped on hungarian keyboards). In any case, please test the next version and let me know the outcome.

    2) I had to patch SynEdit myself (since it has a unfixed bug on the block selection mechanism) to make MP3 emulate Delphi's editor behaviour (Alt+Shift+Cursor to enter, mouse to leave; so you can move with the cursor between clipboard operations without exiting the block selection mode), which is similar to Lazarus's one (the difference comes in the way you exit that selection mode) but is far more extended. So, since most of the community programmers are used to it, I'm affraid it will remain like this, but in any case, some menu options in future releases might be helpful as you suggest.

    Thanks for your report and suggestion!

  • ptrg

    ptrg - 2010-07-06

    I won't start a thread, so i write the problem here.

    The "Replace with:" string on the "Search / Replace" dialog is never translated. I tried it with all supported languages but it always remains in english.

  • Javier Santo Domingo

    Nice catch. That bug was introduced in my recent updates to the TurboUI. Now it's fixed, and I'm also expanding the default button size for those dialogs, so all translations fit well on them. Expect those fixes in the next release.

    Thanks for your report!

  • ptrg

    ptrg - 2010-08-15

    I found some strings that are never translated to any languages:

    "Classic" in menu -> Settings/Code editor style
    "Midlet" in menu -> Settings/Code editor style (not needed to translate, but not not found in default.po as translatable)
    "Default" in  menus, in project manager sidebar, and maybe other places

    Some default strings in input boxes that would be useful to be translatable or to leave them empty:

    "NewGroup" - when creating new group
    "NewProject" - when creating new project
    "NewImage" - when creating new image
    "?" - when creating new unit, it would be good to prompt for a name as in other cases

    "Language names" to remain in english is good idea, for people who can't read other languages it will be good.

  • Javier Santo Domingo

    About the "Classic", "Midlet", "Default", etc, those are items generated from profile names, that's why they are not translated. It's not
    advisable to translate profile names (you can, but it's better not to do it for several reasons, for example international user support -you say "set Default" an everybody understands, no matter in which language it's configured the app-, etc). In any case I'm aware there are developers that like to translate even the profile names, but I'm not one of them.

    About the language menu items translation, it was been translated in the beginning (can't recall in which version I disabled it), but the
    problem came from an accidental click I made on the russian language instead of the spanish one after an install I made, and after that I didn't know which item was spanish or even english heh. Of course I found it by just clicking randomly in the language menu items until a non-cyrillic charset translation appeared but I realized that it was easier for the vast majority of us (programmers writing in a language that is in english -Pascal-) if those items remained in english. In any case, to help to solve what you point out, I think adding flags to the items might be helpful, so I'll take note of that for the next time I update icons in the IDE, something I have to do sooner or later.

    The "?" for units is the way I found to avoid asking for the unit name in the creation in fact, I wanted that effect. And I chose not to use
    the Delphi way (Unit1, Unit2, etc) since I found that very unconvenient: I think is different than when you are creating a group, a project or an image, since when creating a unit is common you are in the "coding mood" and just want to type the code you have in mind in that moment, not filling a dialog or something, or even thinking in which name is the correct one for that unit. You can do that in any moment just by hiting Ctrl+S or clicking File\Save File.

    NewProject and NewImage are the same than in MP2, and yes, they can be translated (also NewGroup), no problem about that, I'll take note of that the next time I add some translatable strings.

    Btw, I have now the new hungarian translation you have updated, I'll include it in the next release.


  • ptrg

    ptrg - 2010-08-18

    A feature request: It would be nice if the user could be able to set the "Default Project Location" in the "Setting" menu and not to start browsing always from "c:\NewProject" to "d:\prog\mobile\midlet\NewProject" (on my machine)…

  • Javier Santo Domingo

    Sounds good, I added that to my TODO list. Can't tell in which version it will be included (possibly the next one where I add strings to translate), but it will.

  • ptrg

    ptrg - 2010-09-29

    Feature request:
    It would be nice to put a check box on the "Search" and "Replace" dialogs for searching and replacing  "Whole words only".
    And a "Next" button would be nice on the "Replace" dialog, because there is only a "Replace All" button and if i want to replace just some of the same strings i must to do it manually.

  • Javier Santo Domingo

    Good. Expect something on this subject for the 3.2 BETA.

    Thanks for your suggestion!

  • ptrg

    ptrg - 2010-10-01

    If I "Set Default Project Location" and then try to create a "New Project" the input box contains it , but the project name is not appended to the path…  and the directory browser does not get the path from the input box and browsing starts from "Dosuments"

  • Javier Santo Domingo

    > If I "Set Default Project Location" and then try to create a "New Project" the input box contains it , but the project name is not appended to the path…

    Sorry, may be I don't understand your report. That's the way it's supossed to work, just like in MP2.

    > and the directory browser does not get the path from the input box and browsing starts from "Dosuments"

    Well, if you set a non-existent folder, the windows' browse for folder dialog starts browsing from the My Documents folder, that's expected to happen. What is not expected to happen is that the value you set in the input dialog does not appear in the path of the new project. Could you please post step-by-step procedure to reproduce? I can't reproduce it here, thanks.

    Btw, just in case you were trying to input invalid paths and got some weird behaviour, I added to the implementation an extra check to avoid non-valid paths to be included from the Set Default Project Location dialog. This might be useful to point out that, for example, "test" is not the same than "C:\test" since the first one is not a valid path. This will be included in 3.2 BETA.

  • Javier Santo Domingo

    Oh now I think I understand what you meant. It wasn't setting the path you have set in the input to the browsing dialog. Good, not it's fixed. It wasn't handling the TFNBFFCallBack. Now I'm handling the BFFM_INITIALIZED and sending the BFFM_SETSELECTION to the browsing dialog with the selected path.

    Thanks for your report!

  • ptrg

    ptrg - 2010-10-10

    When replacing texts the actual occurance is not highlighted in the editor.

  • Javier Santo Domingo

    Right. Now it's fixed, expect this change for the 3.2 FINAL.

    Thanks for your report!

  • Cepreu

    Cepreu - 2010-11-09

    Almost every day the editor changes 2 letters (and always 2 letters) somewhere in the source code like this:

      FCash := FormAddTextField('Cash', integerToString(Accs[AN].Cash), 20, TF_ANY);
      ņŃurr := FormAddTextField('Currency', Accs[AN].Curr, 3, TF_ANY);

    no matter if it is somewhere in comments or program's code.

    The original code is: FCurr := …

    I hoped this will be fixed in CANDIDATE version because this problem occurs often but it is not.

  • Javier Santo Domingo

    Well, I use my own editors all the time and never saw that before heh. Please, can you find how to reproduce that odd behaviour? May be it's related to some of the unicode issues of SynEdit. I have fixed so many bugs of SynEdit yet but it seems to never get stable enough… sometimes I'm tempted to do the same than Jordan Russell with his InnoSetup few weeks ago and just move to Scintilla heh (but may be using the dSinctilla wrapper, dunno yet).
    Anyway, and besides I already expressed that the MP 3.x series won't have full unicode support for all the reasons I already enumerated to you in the other post, be sure that if you can reproduce what you are reporting I will take a look at it.

    Thanks for your report!

  • Cepreu

    Cepreu - 2010-11-10

    Thank you for your answer!

    This error is a random error and I cann't reproduce it. It is interesting that it appears even in a small (10-15 rows) program.

    Anyway, not a big problem, will wait for version 4 :)

  • Cepreu

    Cepreu - 2010-11-19

    I have had some problems with an external library (lib_ui). The result was an untyped error after compilation:
    ERROR: an error occurred compiling NewProject.mpsrc

    I solved it changing the order of library names in Uses clause. Then I've decided to move a string parameter from my Init procedure to Cons declarations but forgot to delete the semicolon:
      Path := '/e:/Other/';
    and the error compiling this was "ERROR: an error occurred compiling NewProject.mpsrc" again. So it takes me much time to discover that now there is no problem with library names order but the assgnment have to be Path = '/e:/Other/';

    Is it possible to display more informative message in this syntax related case (:= instead = in Const declarations)?

  • Javier Santo Domingo

    Right, there was a typo-like error in the parser code (it was passing a literal char instead of a literal string to add_error_message()). This bug wasn't present in MP 2, but it was introduced since the very early 3.0 versions. When I based the MP 3 compiler in the 009 version of Artem didn't realize about this bug so never fixed it (non-legal code like this can more easily scape to tests). Btw, and just in case, watchout anybody using his command-line versions since this bug is present in all of his releases.

    I have fixed this bug and will be available as soon as MP 3.3 ALPHA gets released (amongst other planned enhacements). But don't expect it too soon, I want to be sure everybody download and use MP 3.2 first so I can get more error reports and have a clear picture on how stable is it (remember the SynEdit issues). By today only about the 10-15% of the estimated community downloaded it (most of people only updates MP monthly), so we will need to be specially patient this time.

    Thanks for the report!

  • Anton Mikhaylov

    Anton Mikhaylov - 2011-04-16

    some dreamy request:
    1. Can you add the close\open blocks in code that separated by codes in comments? Somethink like this:
    + //<codeblock name='Some Programm Block'>
    |  …operators…

    - Some Program Block

    2. Only when viewing code. At  line begin, instead of the usual tabs use '⁞' and space.
    I think it can be useful.
    Sorry me my English. I never gave much time to learn grammatical especially English :-).

  • Javier Santo Domingo

    1. SynEdit is currently being used for the editor, and unfortunatelly it lacks of the code folding feature. If a switch to Scintillia is performed somewhere in the future, that feature may appear in MP, otherwise it won't.

    2. I don't get the idea you are trying to express, sorry.

  • Anton Mikhaylov

    Anton Mikhaylov - 2011-04-17

    2. There it is:

  • Javier Santo Domingo

    Oh I see, but SynEdit does not provide that neither.

    In any case I will take note of that if a migration to Scintillia ocurrs. In that case I might expose an option to enable that behaviour, since Scintillia has that feature available.

    Thanks for your suggestion anyway.

  • Mario Ray M.

    Mario Ray M. - 2011-05-16

    Ffor MP 4 IDE, you might want to use Lazarus version of SynEdit (or course the IDE would be written in Lazarus as well). It provides many improvements over original SynEdit including code folding.

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