Problems migrating MP2.x projects to MP3.x

  • Paul Thompson

    Paul Thompson - 2011-07-10

    I'm having trouble running a simple program I wrote in MP2.x it runs fine there…but when I put the code into MP3.4A it errors…something to do with it not liking the command function…

    ….also I don't know if you remember the MP2.x example programs; Tetris & Minesweeper…that you could originally download from back in the days when that site was active.

    I tried to run those; because i used the command function in the same way as those examples…they just crash the IDE…

    I just wondered if you knew of any issues with th move across of code from MP2 to MP3?

    A simple answer would be ok! If not I can give you my code and those original examples of Tetris/Minesweeper as they were free to use and modify anyway…so you can look?

  • Javier Santo Domingo

    Crashing the IDE? Now that's pretty much weird, please post here the simplest code with you are getting the crash. Also please tell me which error do you see in the screen if any. Btw, tell me which is your Operative System, might be related.

    There is no additional steps to migrate from MP2 to MP3. Open, compile and run, that's all. Every project that I know with the command function is compiling just like that in MP3. So, I'll be waiting for your reply.


  • Paul Thompson

    Paul Thompson - 2011-07-10

    ok out of my scope to do that…!…i need to start learning that stuff…doh!

    ok but worked out what the problem is…it was something my end of course…to keep it simple cutting aand pasting code is best! not running it from a old MP project…

    and…tada! I just worked out what was wrong with my old MP2 conversion to MP3…I was naming some command the same as procedures…errr this might be hard to understand but for instance;

    Buttons : command

    then id have a procedure called

    procedure G_Buttons

    if you get what i'm saying!

    thanks hopefully by the end of the day i'll post this project up here as an MP3 example…hope you see it - its called Chameleons and a very simple game that auto adjusts on any MIDP phone screen size!

    Thanks alot for your help i'll try and minimized the questions…and fiqure stuff out more myself for future; just didnt know what little bugs there maybe…

  • Javier Santo Domingo

    Nice to see you find the problem and could continue working on your project.

    Thanks for the report anyway.


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