Where is documentation source code?

Victor MVS
  • Victor MVS

    Victor MVS - 2012-03-13


    I can't find documentation source code in Subversion repository. Where is it? It could be interesting a place for fixing and adding new text to documentation. I have to download commercial version of Midletpascal on wayback machine. I remember a good tutorial when I tried MidletPascal in the past. It could be a good thing including it on official documentation.

    Thanks for this project.

  • Javier Santo Domingo


    The documentation has no source, it is just the html files that are being distributed. Usually, I like to create PDF documentation as anyone can see in my other projects, but in this case there was an already existent html documentation (inherited from the MP 2 project) which I respected, reused, styled and expanded a little.
    Finally, it's impossible for me to find free time to expand it more currently.

    In any case, thanks for your interest.


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