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  • Dina Randriantsizafy

    MobiRad is a JavaMe tools written with MidletPascal developed at Madagascar-INSTN (Insitut National des Sciences et Techniques Nucléaires). It can be downloaded at (more than 4000 downloads). Mobirad is a Radioactive Activities (Curie, Becquerel) conversion Mobile tool. The chanlenge we faced is the Scientifics Real number which are not managed in MidLet Pascal. Thanks to the developer team and I think the version 4 in FreePascal is a must. How can I help ?

  • Javier Santo Domingo

    Well, it's nice to see you have picked MIDletPascal to code your tool. Now, what I guess you are looking for is for more real numbers precision.

    But as you can read in the documentation under the topic "The MIDletPascal Dialect \ Data types \ Real type": "The mobile devices do not have hardware support for real numbers, so MIDletPascal uses software emulation instead. In the Fixed-point mode the precision is lower, so expect aproximated values. For more precision enable the Floating-point mode."

    So, enabling the Floating-point mode in your project you get the maximum precision possible (which is reached by the Roar Lauritzsen's Real-Java floating point library).
    If you are looking for more precision, I'm affraid that is outside the goals of MP at all, even MP4. No matter the compiler is developed in FreePascal or any other tool. What I think is that you need other kind of hardware to achieve the results you expect.

    Btw, the "project administrators" are somewhat misleading, sadly there is no "development team", I'm working alone at charge of the MP3 series since the very first day I've joined the project 2 years ago. At that time there was interest in porting MP to FreePascal, but there were no news about that for more than a year and a half by now. In any case, the development trends are showing J2ME is nearly death by many factors: the delayed MIDP 3 release, the new iPhones and Androids taking over the whole market (the projections are even more dramatic), etc. So expecting much interest in developing MP4 I'm affraid is somewhat unrealistic nowadays. In any case you can try contacting Wes who was starting that job almost 2 years ago, may be you are lucky.

    Thanks for your post.

  • Dina Randriantsizafy

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