Lesser editor-related suggestions

  • YellowAfterlife

    YellowAfterlife - 2011-06-13

    Most of these should not take a long to do, but would make life of MP user a bit better.
    1 Add "Integer", "Real", "Char", "RecordStore" to identifier list, so they would recieve syntax highlighting.
    2 Make the lesser windows with lists (i.e. Code Editor Styles Management) resizable.
    3 Make the current theme be selected by default in Code Editor Styles Management.
    4 Either make the operators in inline()'s highlight with "Asm" colors, or explain where is that style used.
    5 If possible, add a flag (checkbox) "default" (equ 0x1000000) for colors in "Code Editor Style" editor, that would indicate that color from "Editor" item should be used.

  • Javier Santo Domingo

    1) No. The common rule in the pascal IDEs world is not to hightlight type names. The only one of all the types in MP (boolean, char, integer, real, string, image, command, recordStore, http and resource) that is higlighted is string, and that just to look like Delphi and Lazarus IDEs since most of people getting in contact with MP comes from the Object Pascal world.

    2) Yes. Well, might be useful for some customizing fanatics out there playing with a ton of styles. You will see that dialog resizable in MP 3.4 ALPHA.

    3) No. Choosing the current Code Editor Style is made from the menus since, in the most common approach (which I think is the best bet for MP by the moment), menus are for choosing, selecting and executing things. Management windows are for adding, deleting and modifying things, that's why both things are currently separated.

    4) Yes. The ASM colour was there all this time because the editing dialog belongs to other of my projects (Stylish IDE Toolkit), in which I created that dialog for handling common pascal languages colours (for ex. I have other pascal IDE: Tabitha, for FreePascal). And that ASM colour were not used in MP since I always wanted to do something before with the inline() feature (as I told in other posts). So don't worry, you will see the inlined code highlighted with the ASM colour in MP 3.4 ALPHA.

    5) Sorry I don't get what are you suggesting. Please be more specific.

    Thanks for your suggestions!

  • YellowAfterlife

    YellowAfterlife - 2011-06-16

    3) I meant selecting it in 'Manage' dialog, so to when opening it, currently selected style could be edited by a single click, without having to scroll down and select it each time. A perfect case would be if editor 'synced' with theme changes as you're editing it in dialog, but I think that'll be harder to do.
    5) The following image should explain it a bit better than words:

  • Javier Santo Domingo

    3) Sounds good, I added the automatic selection of the current style and also an Apply button so you can check the style more easily. Expect to see this in MP 3.4 ALPHA.
    5) Oh I see, but I'm affraid that's somewhat confusing and only useful for the Background color since there is no Foreground color in the Editor to use as default.

    Thanks for your suggestions!


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