how display Polish letters

  • mpknap

    mpknap - 2012-01-28

    Why does not display Polish letters on emulators?

  • Arvis Lācis

    Arvis Lācis - 2012-02-04

    MIDletPascal has some problems with correct text encoding saving. So if you want to see Polish or other non-English characters - first open your own text editor (I recommend Notepad++), set encoding to UTF-8 and write your text. Then change encoding without converting to ANSI and copy new phrases to MIDletPascal IDE. Now it should work.

  • mpknap

    mpknap - 2012-02-05

    It Work!! Thanx ;). But is for function like DRAWTEXT…. Problem is how user can display polish character by pressing the button on mobil or emulator.

    (i hope you understand my mu pure english)

  • mpknap

    mpknap - 2012-02-11

    ok. soon i will show function through which you can use the charakter each country in applications midlet Pascal . Polish Spanisch or Germany even Chines ;)


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