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Hello Madhav,

thanks for this great work. I use your App on an Android device (Kindle Fire HD) and it works very well. I use it to acompany while playing a solo instrument.

One feature I am missing is to enable a metronome.

I am a also a software developer and so I added this functionality for the android sources. If you like, you can take this piece of code and use it for the other branches too.

I have added a checkbox "Play Metronome Ticks" to the settings page. If it is enabled, an invisible track is generated which contains percussion events giving the beat.

The code is not optimal. The metronome events are always generated, even if the checkbox is unchecked. So, if you are interested in adding this feature, I would like to work over the code.

Attached is a patch generated from eclipse.

Best regards,

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  • Ferenc Hechler

    Ferenc Hechler - 2014-04-17

    I have created a new patch, which adds the feature volume-control-per-track.

    For each track a percentage (in 10% steps from 0% = quite to 100% = original volume) can be defined in the settings (default is 100%).

  • Ferenc Hechler

    Ferenc Hechler - 2014-04-26

    Attached is the APK with Metronome and Volumd-Control.

  • Anonymous - 2014-05-01

    The new patch now also supports midi files which are stored in Format 0 (one track with multiple channels).

  • Anonymous - 2014-05-01

    Attached is the APK with Metronome and Volumd-Control with support for format 0 midi files (created from the patch above).

  • Ferenc Hechler

    Ferenc Hechler - 2014-05-01

    I have created a new patch, which now also supports midi files saved in format-0 (one track with multiple channels).

  • Ferenc Hechler

    Ferenc Hechler - 2014-05-01

    Attached is the binary APK created from the patch above.
    It supports a metronome and volume control.

  • rin67630

    rin67630 - 2014-07-02

    The patch works well, the metronome is a bit intrusive. Could it's volume become adjustable?

  • Ferenc Hechler

    Ferenc Hechler - 2014-07-03

    This will be another line in the settings, but it is possible.
    I think about adding a volume-setting beyond the checkbox for the "play metronome", where the volume can be set in 10% steps from 0-100%.

  • Ferenc Hechler

    Ferenc Hechler - 2014-07-04

    In the new patch I added setting the volume for the metronome ticks.
    I also updated the version in the Play-Store (will be available in a few hours).

    By doing this I found out, that the metronome ticks get out of synch, when the playback does not start at the beginning of the composition.

  • Gianmaria Lari

    Gianmaria Lari - 2014-11-22


    could you please give some info how to apply a patch (your patch!) to the android application?
    Thank you, Gianmaria

    • Anonymous - 2014-11-22
      Post awaiting moderation.
  • Gianmaria Lari

    Gianmaria Lari - 2014-11-24

    I use this application with music students and for them the metronome was something absolutely necessary, thank you for adding this!

    Another extremely usefull addion would be having a checkbox that if checked makes the system playing some metronome ticks (a measure) before the beginning of the music.

    This would make the student:
    1) be able to sync with the music speed
    2) start playing with the begin of the music

    Thank you and best regards, g.



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