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Middle Earth OS / News: Recent posts

I have returned

After months away from the project, Josh has returned to re-start Middle Earth OS. I have plenty of ideas and would like to get started developing a basic kernel soon. A new Web site should be coming soon as well.

Posted by Joshua Eddy 2003-07-28

Middle Earth OS Updated

ME OS website has officially been updated and the project is back up and running, after not working on it for a while, I'm back now and ready to get to work with the project... Still in need of coders and brainstormers... For more info contact me at:

Posted by Nick Mercer 2003-01-16

Mission Statement

The mission statement is now on the website for those interested.

Posted by Nick Mercer 2002-07-11

First Alpha Tester

Congratulations all, we have our first alpha tester: Dave. This means that once we have some code to test, Dave will sacrifice his computer to report any bugs that arise.

In other news, the mission statement is on its way. I expect it to be done by the end of this week.

Posted by Joshua Eddy 2002-07-02

Website, Mailing List, Mission Statement

The Website (now a bit less temporary) has been updated to include a future plan (on the Status page). Check that out and tell me what you think on...

The new mailing list: . This list is for news and discussions that are more "private" (even though the list is public). (As far as the other lists [gone for now]: we don't have any real "developers" since we're not in development and the Forums are where most idea discussion takes place). Another good use of the list would be the...... read more

Posted by Joshua Eddy 2002-06-22

New Temporary Home Page

ME OS now has a temporary, and very hideous, Web site. Check it out:

It is filled with lots of placeholders. If you have any suggestions for content, send them to me ( ) or Nick ( ).

Posted by Joshua Eddy 2002-06-16

Ideas Wanted - Brainstormers Needed

We are in need of a more brainstormers for the Middle Earth OS. We need people that will help come up with ideas and goals for the kernel, services, and/or GUI. Knowledge of OS or HCI fundamentals a must. Implementation knowhow a plus. Knowledge of latest/greatest OS research also a plus.

If you do not want to commit, feel free to donate opinions, ideas, etc at our "General Ideas" forum.... read more

Posted by Joshua Eddy 2002-06-09

Middle Earth OS Forums

Middle Earth Forums Now All Set Up, Everyone Come Join In On The Development Of This OS

Posted by Nick Mercer 2002-06-03