#12 Some websites are inaccessable

Anthony Ord

When I try to access certain websites in middleman
1.8.2 (as well as 1.8) I get a "Connection to
<website>:80 failed" message after a pregnant pause.
The logs indicate...

Mon 11 13:35:34 [26633] header: error reading header
from www.ananova.com
Mon 11 13:35:34 [26633] template: sent noconnect

Two sites I have found that do this are
"www.ananova.com" and "www.hsamuel.co.uk", which are
reachable through squid.
The DNS cache indicates they have been resolved correctly.

Any ideas?


  • Anthony Ord

    Anthony Ord - 2003-08-11
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  • jason mclaughlin

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    Is there any delay before the error shows up? I can't think of any
    reason for this to happen besides the website taking too long to
    respond to the request, causing a timeout... I can't reproduce this on
    my system. Also, did squid use a cached copy? If you're using
    konqueror, you can figure this out by right clicking on the page and
    going to "View document information" and checking the X-Cache

  • Anthony Ord

    Anthony Ord - 2003-08-12

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    There is what is approx a 10 sec delay before the error
    appears which corresponds quite nicely to my connect
    timeout in middleman. The two sites under squid bring the
    text in under a second and take about 5 seconds to fill in the
    graphics. These are not cached (fully less than a second
    when cached).

    I also use a disk cache size of 0 (memory only) - just in case
    that is important.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    Tried both sites, using MiddleMan 1.8.2. Just standard
    install using ./configure, make and make install.

    Both sites worked fine... Although I must say there ARE some
    sites which I cannot connect to. I thought this was due to a
    header isue or something. Like when you click "compose" in
    hotmail, the textbox is very small. This is because hotmail
    has another page for IE then for mozilla. Due to the
    header_replace, hotmail thinks I am using IE.

    I'll keep my eyes open, if I find more sites to which I'm
    unable to connect to, I'll post them.

    Roel Brook

  • Anthony Ord

    Anthony Ord - 2003-08-15

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    I knocked up the connection timeout to 100 seconds, and it
    does exactly the same, but 100 seconds later, rather than
    10, so I'm starting to suspect it isn't even trying to connect,
    rather that it is timing out.

    I'll try it without any filtering functions later if I have time.

  • Anthony Ord

    Anthony Ord - 2003-08-29

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    I built a different machine with middleman 1.8.3. Some of the
    sites formally inaccessible now work (and some are still
    inaccessible). This would start to point the finger at the first
    machine (assuming nothing has changed since 1.8.2 in that



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