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MicroWar 2.0 / News: Recent posts

MicroWar 2.0rc1 released

What's new :
* add German support (thanks to Talamon70)
* add partial Spanish and Italian support
* adapt some text location and button width for other languages
* music on the menus
* add a bonus when the player dont miss fire (successive good hits) + bonus when PC was flying
* history : macos logo was introduced with system 7.5 : change os-icons according
* adding new bonus: Newton (1993) iPod (2001) and iPhone (2007) with new capabilities
* separate preference file and hiscore file
* update release history with new 'ultimate' iMac (october 2009)
* big explosion for saucers and bonus hit
* enhance sprite's basic exploding handle (FGame)
* store webID for high score submission
* shared highscores list can now be browse with the player scores highlighted (with webID)
* shared highscores : filter by versions
* add new options : 'music volume' and 'maximum frame rate'(display speed limit)

Posted by Pierre-Alain Dorange 2009-10-27

MicroWar beta 2 released

Now in beta !

MicroWar is "Space Invaders" style arcade game, in the cruel world of micro-compter industry.
You're a Macintosh faced to invading Wintel hordes year after year, kill more PC.
Bonuses let you improve your Mac performances or restore life...
PC Hunt is now open !

Binary for Macintosh only, source compatible Linux, Windows and Mac (thanks to Python and Pygame).

Microwar 2.0 beta 2, fix :
* add an option : authorize internet connection : True/False
* update release date for MacOS X 10.6 and Windows Seven
* adding internet shared high score (see\)
* bug-fix : infinite-loop in the main loop if no userChoice was defined (now go back to Main Menu)
* default max frame-rate = 90 fps : do not be processor-intensive on fast computer
* fix some release date for bonus, more accurate to real computer history
* bug-fix : crash the high score screen when "internet connection" not allowed in prefs
* adjust difficulty to made the game a little easier

Posted by Pierre-Alain Dorange 2009-09-16

MicroWar 2.0a8 released

MicroWar 2.0 a8
* bug-fix : accessing option menu, crash the aplication (mixer module problem) : fixed
* bug-fix : player info text blink correctly when configuration upgrade
* optimized on-screen text rendering during game : performance +10%
* small adjustments to PC speed, flying PC occurences and Bonus RAM occurence to better balance the game
* add halo behind bonus that will upgrade the player's mac
* change the bonus catch animation

Posted by Pierre-Alain Dorange 2009-01-31

MicroWar 2.0a7 released

MicroWar 2.0 a7

Probably the last alpha version, all major features are implemented.

* bug-fix : check update on internet, fail to load the update screen : fixed
* default max frame-rate = 200 fps : do not be processor-intensive on fast computer
* PC (from Windows95) can detach from the squad and act like Galaxian aliens
* adding the high score display during the game
* visual feedback when Mac recover upgrading bonus
* visual and audio feedback when mac hit
* adding pictures to illustrate each level (years)
* small graphics improvements : darker background, specific PC screens for Win95 and win98
* clean up FGame Widgets, loading widgets can now have optionnal caracteristics

Posted by Pierre-Alain Dorange 2009-01-25

MicroWar 2.0a6 released

MicroWar 2.0 a6
* handle mouse for menus
* add an option to play the game with the keyboard (default) or the mouse
* loading advancement feedback on splash screen
* default option : fullscreen
* bug fix : display year information correctly for 0 and 1 line.
* first run screen, user can choose it default language (english, french)
* automatic game update check over internet and download to the desktop
* adding Clarus Power-Up Bonus (give 5 super-bomb)
* adding Saucer explosion : generate Virus that can infect PC (slow-down)
* clean the screens handling

Posted by Pierre-Alain Dorange 2008-12-14

MicroWar 2.0a5 released

MicroWar 2.0 a5
* optimize display with dirty rects handling : accelerate display rate (performance x3)
* reduce package size, using JPEG background (instead PNG) : -6.9 Mb
* bug fix : AttributeError: 'Game' object has no attribute 'os2Images'
can appear when a PC wave contain an OS2 powered PC from level 1987 to 2000.
* adjustment with the probability table (data.ini) for PC OS according to the level (year)
* enhance menu backgrounds
* clean the lib
* add an introduction sequence for the mac, when starting game and when upgrading
* bug fix : localisation for small explosion when an object was hit
* add game over sound
* add visual damage to the mac (screen get broken when hit)
* transfert widget description in widget.ini file (label, button...)
* enhance the help screen... read more

Posted by Pierre-Alain Dorange 2008-12-07