Microlog V1.0.0 Finally Released!

Microlog is a small logging library for Java ME (J2ME) like Log4j. It has support for logging to console, file, RecordStore, Canvas, Form, Bluetooth, a serial port (Bluetooth, IR, USB), Socket(incl SSL), UDP, Syslog, MMS, SMS, e-mail or to Amazon S3.

The new version contains a number of important improvements, such as named loggers as in Log4j.

The changes for V1.0.0:
* Added checks for illegal arguments on all the methods that is used for setup.
The methods now throws an IllegalArgumentException.
* Improved the performance in the AscendingComparator & DescendingComparator classes.
This improves the startup time for the RecordStoreAppender.
On one platform it is reported that the startup time has been reduced from
~10 seconds to 100-150 ms.
* The close method() of the Logger now throws an IOException if something goes wrong.
This makes this version incompatible with the previous version.
* The open()/close() handling of the different appenders is now made consistent,
that is that the IOException thrown from the underlying connection is now
thrown to the user, instead of just catching it and printing it.
* Improved performance in the Logger class.
* The storing/saving of the log file in the SMSAppender, MMSAppender,
S3FileAppender & S3Buffer appender is now made in a separate thread.
* Renamed SMSAppender to SMSBufferAppender.
* Renamed MMSAppender to MMSBufferAppender.
* Added the possibility to create named appenders, just like in Log4j.

Posted by Johan Karlsson 2008-10-06

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