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  • Nobody/Anonymous


    If we talk about J2ME we also mean small in memory and jar file size.
    I just ran into a problem where both seamt to be not possible for me when using microlog.
    I tried to switch ti SimpleFormatter - without a change.
    So I looked at the class sizes and found out that all the used microlog classes (even after obfuscation) where >22kB!
    And there where 2 classes which I even did not expected: PatternFormatter and DataFormat.
    So if you take a look to the Logger class you will find out that when there is no formatter defined it will then create a PatternFormatter. Since this is in the sources the compiler will never know if the PatternFormatter is really used.

    So please set this default Formatter to SimpleFormatter as DEFAULT. Anybody who wants more that this could use the PatternFormatter anyway.


  • Johan Karlsson

    Johan Karlsson - 2010-05-06


    Sorry for the late reply. I have changed the default formatter to SimpleFormatter.

    The changes is available in source code repository. The change will be part of the 3.0 release.



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