FileAppender Improvements

  • Johan Karlsson

    Johan Karlsson - 2008-12-03


    I have been working to improve the FileAppender. For example, it is now possible to get the usedSize() from the underlying FileConnection object.

    Do you have any other comments/ideas regarding the FileAppender.

    Best Regards

    • Nobody/Anonymous


      At the moment there's no access modifier on the setFileConnection(...) method, therefore it's package private (was this an accident?). This would not be a problem except it's not possible to specify the storage root. Microlog seems to pick the first root returned by FileSystemRegistry.listRoots(), but this is not always the root that's accessible (at least on Nokia S60), resulting in a SecurityException when adding the FileAppender.

      Otherwise, Microlog has been very useful in our projects. Look forward to 2.0...


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