PS, just to give you an idea, those pictures were taken with a 4x lens and a 1.6um pixel size, larger than the rated 1um repeatability of our stage model... The overlap is of several microns. Like I said, I haven't had the time to be thorough with the system but I'll make proper measurements friday.


On 30 August 2011 18:21, Pedro Almada <> wrote:
Hi Nico and Jon,

I guess the first picture isn't very obvious, but all pictures from the position list show a consistent overlap, even though it was set to 0. My issue is that the slidescanner doesn't. Certainly, I'm guetting worse results now than when I had 1.3 installed (although I've yet to test this systematically. I'll have time later in the week).

On 30 August 2011 18:08, Nico Stuurman <> wrote:
Hi Pedro,

> I'm having an issue with the multi-position list on 1.4.5. I have calibrated my Prior ProScan II x,y stage with the automated pixel calibrator and have tested the Slide Scanner plugin successfully. However, when I try to use the "ROI>Position" function in the slide scanner window or the "Create Grid" function I always get overlapping pictures (even though I don't change the default 0 in the overlap option). The overlap seems to be of the same value.
> You can have a look through the following links:

What is the difference between the two datasets?

To be honest, even the first one does not look too bad to me.  It is difficult to move exactly to a given position, and the quality and settings of your stage and stage controller will have a big influence.  Linear encoders should really help, and you may need to tweak setting like your stage speed, acceleration, backlash correction, etc..  Even in the best cases, I have never seen reproducible, perfect (i.e. error < 0.5 um) positioning.

When there is a systematic error (the first dataset suggests that), most likely the pixelsize is incorrect (or at least, the stage's idea about pixel size does not correlate with your idea about pixelsize).



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