Hi guys,

I was going to report the same exact error we're having with our orca ER. I've seen the exact same error with an ER2. I don't know if our driver is the latest, I can double check that, but the ER2 should be since it's a brand new scope.

I've only seen the same error *after* doing a burst acquisition. Reseting the camera (physically, off/on) solves the problem when umanager is re-started. 

I'm glad now burst acquisition works for our camera!! Previously I still had to use metamorph for that :) The only remaining glitch I have with umanager and burst acquisition is that saving directly to disk is not working. It saves the first frames and then just stops saving, as if it can't dump the images fast enough. I find this hard to believe since I was acquiring 500ms exp and with metamorph I can even dump 110ms exp directly to disk. 

great work !

On Wed, Feb 25, 2009 at 10:28, Nico Stuurman <nico@cmp.ucsf.edu> wrote:
Hi Allen,

> Thanks Arthur. I am not sure if the latest version will solve the
> problem since this only pertains to Mac (Intel) version. I am
> working with Windows PC and looks like the beta release hasn't
> changed. Do you think it's the driver's problem since the
> configuration could be run in v1.2, and not v1.3.

Making a new configuration file and testing if the problem persists is
a good idea.  Try deleting the file 'mmgr_dal_PCO_camera' (or similar,
I don't have it in front of me right now) and running the Hardware
configuration wizard again.

You can also try to update the DCAM driver if your are not running the
latest version ( http://sales.hamamatsu.com/index.php?id=13188404 ).

Also, does 'Burst' mode work in version 1.2?  We switched to using the
same mode as Burst mode for Live in 1.3.  This should give a much
faster live image, but the change introduced some complexities
including the one you are struggling with now.  We'll be testing with
two Hamamatsu cameras here ourselves tomorrow.  Let us know what you



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