Starting with Allura

As you can see, MIA switched to the new sourceforge backend Allure. In the context of this transitition the organisation of the SCM repositories of MIA will be reviewed and old code will be droppend from the repositories.

If you where using code from the repositories, you might want to reconfigure the origin of your code base. For git repositories this can be done by using

git remote set-url origin <newurl> <oldurl>

Because sourceforge is going to discontinue support for hosted apps, i.e. mediawiki, currently, documentation efforts in the Wiki are halted (i.e. no updates on tutorials and descriptions). Only after everything will have been converted to the new Allure-internal Wiki format, I will continue with adding tutorials for usage of and programming with MIA. The Doxygen based library documentation is, of course continously maintaned with the source code.

As for MIA itself, current focus is layed on changing the transformation penalty in non-linear registration to become part of the specification of the transformation itself, in order to provide better means to add more penalty terms consistently.

In addition, NIFTY support will soon be added, and support for handling 3D landmarks.

Posted by Gert Wollny 2012-08-27

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