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autoupdate script

Straight-from-cvs autoupdate script can be found here:
Just download it and run like a shell script. It downloads the latest sources from cvs, build them IF IT CAN, and installs straightly into your system instead recently installed. Only the latest and fresh fixes plus features right onto your system!

Posted by foxx 2008-09-22

RC3 updated downloads section

Release Candidate 3 allows you to download the parts you want only instead of monolithic source archive. The major desicion was to split monolithic package into separate ones. Also RC3 includes some memory leak fixes in libmht and corrections in mhtml kioslaves for regexps in command line processing part.
Remember, that mhtmlkio is for KDE3 and mhtmlkio4 is for KDE4.

Posted by foxx 2008-09-21

KDE4 native read-only mht support

Thanks to God and me - the project started. This KParts-based plugin is already working, but I think that it's in experimental stage. To obtain the sources please do the following:
cvs login
cvs -z3 co -P mhtmlkio4

Posted by foxx 2008-09-16

RC2 is available

There are some experimental features included in the source package, for example iconv support to force output encodings, base elimination, etc.
The major thing of this release is mhtmlkio plugin for KDE3 KIO subsystem that allows you to browse through MHTML files natively using KIO-based applications such as Konqueror and related. Yes, MHT support for Konqueror is available now.
You can obtain this release candidate here:

Posted by foxx 2008-09-15

mhtmlkio for Konqueror is ready

Meet KIO (KDE Input/Output) plugin mhtmlkio, based on libmht parsing engine and designed for KDE3 and Konqueror browser primarily. It provides the transparent way for viewing *.mht multiparts through the Konqueror and KIO-based programs. You can obtain the sources from CVS for now:
cvs login
cvs -z6 co -P mhtmlkio

Posted by foxx 2008-09-12

download section is available too

Now you can download full-featured CVS snapshot in one file through Download service. 0.1_rc1 (means candidate of course :) not final ) is available from 04 march 2008. You can help this project to make it better - please welcome! Now this is the customized weak version for my own small needs, you know...

Posted by foxx 2008-03-04

sources are available

Subj. Initial sources are available via CVS provided by SourceForge for that project (Web view on\).
I am busy almost all the time now, that's why I can't prophet when I'll make code more stable and pretty.

Posted by foxx 2007-03-24

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